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Republican National Committee - Chairman

RonnaMcDaniel Ronna Romney McDaniel was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  She was the state chairman for the Michigan Republican party and helped Trump secure a crucial victory in the typically blue state.  She was also the chairwoman for the Michigan delegation at the Republican National Convention in 2016.  McDaniel, the second woman ever to chair the Republican National Committee, said sheis "committed to working for a unified and inclusive Republican Party" and intends to push back against the notion that the Democratic Party is the party of women.  She highlighted the strong position in which the party she inherits sits:  In control of the White House, both houses of Congress, 33 governor's mansions and both legislative chambers in 32 states.  She pledged to keep alive the GOP's recent hot streak.


California Republican Party - Chairman

Jim Brulte was elected Chairman of the California Republican Party in March of 2013. He served 14 years in the California State Legislature, most recently as Senate Republican Leader, before leaving office to join California Strategies to head up the Inland Empire office.


Shasta County Republican Central Committee - Chairman

Cathy Kneer

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